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Welcome! This is a journey and investigation into the interwoven nature of your body and mind. I believe in the power of nature to heal and unwind illness into pure health and well being. I will work with you to unlock those secrets through traditional indigenous healing techniques.


Massage* Health Coaching * Personal training*

Organic Herbal Products

Massage + Bodywork

Integrated Traditional Techniques

Thai Massage* Lymphatic Drainage* Acupressure* Reflexology* Deep Tissue* Ayurvedic Treatments: Abhyanga & Shirodhara

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Functional Nutrition + Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient science from India, which many modern and eastern forms of medicine developed from. The concepts are simple, based on the 5 elements in the universe, but the science is complex, essentially working with systems in the body vs symptoms. Please read my blog to learn more...


Movement and Healing

Movement is essential to any healing process. We can improve circulation which detoxes the body and the mind. Developing habits that improve body maintenance and prevention involves incorporating a fitness routine that works for you!
Jenny is a certified personal trainer and licensed Zumba instructor and will utilize creative approaches to work with each clients personalized goals.


Integrative Approach to Health & Well Being

Working from the Inside Out

Whole Systems takes a "systems" approach to healing the body/mind.

This implies understanding elements of all systems in the body. 

Seeing the relationship from one system to the next, looking at the micro, to understand the micro.

Why  Traditional Medicine

Ayurveda as a way of Life

Health trends come and go, but a health system such as Ayurveda is rooted in science and thousands of years of experience. The foundational principles of ayurveda are based on the cycles and rhythms of the human body as a microcosm of the universe. More simply, the same laws of nature can be used in healing practices to get to the root cause of any imbalance. 

  A systems approach to health looks at all the components that surround a system, to treat the underlying cause.


Body and Mind work as one organism. Each affects and imprints the other. I aim to work with people as a health investigator, unravelling pieces of their life, that they may not realize are deeply affecting their state of health.

Natural Medicine
Tea Pot

About Alchemic Rose....

Your Natural Path Journey Starts Here

As an Ayurvedic Health counselor, and aspiring herbalist, my goal is for my clients to gain a deeper understanding of their body-mind and unique constitution as a series of interwoven systems.

  We do this together through unravelling the lifestyle, diet,  stressors, and other patterns and habits that formulate ones health.

   I also work with my own handmade herbal infused products, formulated for a clients condition. The phytochemicals or plant constituents made by nature are designed to work synergistically with the human body. We have all the receptors to bind with these healing plant properties, in support of our health and well-being.

Whats your story?


Creating Balance through Understanding

Lets work together to Reach Equilibrium

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